Our History


Anglican Clergy

who have served

Holy Trinity Anglican Church,

Riverside Heights

The Rev. Johann Gunter Weagant 1811-1835

*The Rev. Frederick Mack 1830 – The Rev. John Gerbrand Beek Lindsay 1832-1844

The Rev. Edward Jukes Boswell 1844-1862

The Rev. Edwin Loucks 1862-1874

The Rev. Charles Forest 1874-1881

The Rev. James William Walter Finlay 1874-1875

The Rev. Arthur Jarvis 1881-1884

The Rev. Clarendon Lamb Worrell 1884-1886

The Rev. Montague Gower Poole 1886-1898

The Rev. George Spooner Anderson 1899-1914

The Rev. Charles Oliver Carson 1914-1931

The Rev. Sydney Baker Holmes 1932-1938

The Rev. George Oliver Davies 1938-1957

The Rev. Leonard Charles Scott 1958-1961

The Rev. Cyril Wall Earle 1961-1973

The Rev. Francis Nelson Gooch 1974-1982

The Rev. David Stuart Crawley 1983-1989

The Rev. Harry Hamilton Brown 1989-1996

The Rev. William Robert Byers 1996-2002

The Rev. Patricia Anne Martin 2000-2002

(This list of clergy serving this congregation has been prepared by the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Archives.)

* This entry is not contained in the list of clergy provided by the Anglican Dioce- of Ottawa Archives but is gleaned from correspondence in these Archives. It is not known how long The Rev. F. Mack was present assisting The Rev. J.G. Weagant.


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Unpublished Sources

A good selection of original correspondence is safely cared for by the staff of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Archives at Christ Church (Anglican)

Cathedral in Ottawa. This includes correspondence of The Rev. J.G. Weagant, The Rev. H. Hayunga, Mr. George F. Jowett, and others.

An unpublished document entitled A Concise History of Holy Trinity Anglican Memorial Church, Riverside Heights, Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada, which was written by George F. Jowett. This history is undated.

The Report on the Special Vestry Meeting of the Congregation of Holy Trinity Memorial Church, Riverside, January 12, 1955

The Final Report Concerning the Rebuilding of Trinity Memorial Church from October 1954 to October 1959, written by George F. Jowett, dated October 8, 1959.

Other information was gleaned from a collection of newspaper articles from various times and places.